4th Anniversary Party is this Saturday, 12/1

How is it possible that Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project is 4 years old?  In 2008 Martha and I moved back to the U.S. with a few suitcases that represented the total of our possesions. And we were nearly broke.  What little money we had became Pretty Things.  We took an unlikely beer name, an illustration of a barley-man we drew in our kitchen and a gracious invitation to use someone else’s brewery and watched it blossom into something that people love.  We’re really proud and hope we never let you down.

Speaking of “letting you down”, I’d be doing just that if I didn’t tell you about our upcoming 4th Anniversary Party at Precinct in Union Square, Somerville.  Hey, we’re having a 4th Anniversary Party at Precinct in Union Square, Somerville!

Might there be beer?  YES, 13 beers representing the last 12 months in brewing.  That means everything from Lovely Saint Winefride to Meadowlark IPA, 1838 X Ale to our Collaboration No.3 with Boulevard.

Might there be music?  YES, WMBR’s John Funke (one of the original inspirations) and Pretty Thing Jim “Good Time” Bocky Barnes in the front room, ViVa ViVa and CreaturoS in the back room.  Carlisle Sound had a conflict so we may surprise you and us with a replacement.  UPDATE: We do have a third band booked: Thick Shakes.

Might there be a massive charge? NO, entry is free and beers can be paid for on a beer-to-beer basis.

Might it get crowded? PERHAPS, so come on time and stay up late!

Might there be food? The kitchen will be open.  We’ll have a birthday cake in the back room if you want some cake. We’re not your mother so go ahead and make that your dinner.

Might Dann entertain us with boring stories of the olden days in craft beer?  HOPEFULLY I won’t feel the urge but you never know.  In fact, that reminds me of a particularly tricky vorlauff that happened at Lowell Brewing Company in June of ’93…

In short, come say hi and enjoy beer like you always do.  How do we know that?  Because we’re still here and so are you.  Our gratitude can be summed up in one word: more beer.  Chose between the two.

CHECK OUT OUR EVENT PAGE FOR DETAILS: http://www.prettythingsbeertoday.com/wp/events/134/pretty-things-4th-birthday-party/