American Darling

Beer Type: German-style Lager (the unlawnmower beer)
Hop Variety: 100% Hallertau-region hops
Malt Variety: Weyermann, Bamburg, GR
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 45
Color: Yellow-gold

American Darling

Shouldn’t mow the lawn.

That lone white cloud — looks like rain.

Guess I’ll have a beer.

Lizzie, Arlington, Mass.

Note: Our 2015 American Darling is decoction brewed, unfiltered German style lager.

If you’re looking for a reason to try Pretty Things this summer, we hope a well-stated 5.5% pale lager might be a good bet. This beer bears our usual stamp of authenticity-at-the-expense-of-convenience, so here is a decoction lager brewed with German malt and hops, and fermented at cool temperatures with German lager yeast for over 6 weeks.

This time we were looking to make the un-lawnmower beer (with an emphasis on the “UN”). Just how do we go about doing that? Well, we start with some of the world’s greatest pilsner malt from Weyermann in Bamberg, Germany. There’s no rice and corn in our darling either – just the best barley malted for this purpose in the world. What else? We use a decoction brewing method: this comes from old German brewhouses, where temperature control was not possible, so a portion of the mash is removed, brought to boiling temperature and then re-mixed with the rest of the mash. This is a whole lot of work, but we think it’s worth it because it gives a whole lot of authentic Germanic flavour! All of the hops used in American Darling come from the Hallertau hop region of Germany. Finally, fermentation uses a blend of two of Europe’s great lager yeasts, with low temperature fermentation and lagering, over six weeks.

Put it in your coolers, your picnic baskets… your saddlebags. Take it to family reunions and pie-eating contests, parades, beaches, fancy mustache conventions, hot dog factory tours, monorail excursions, secret basement lairs… wherever good summertime fun happens!

Then fire up the grill, not just once – how about every day?! Get out the horse shoes, kick up your feet and forget that oily red jalopy out back even has a purpose. Stop mowing, start having fun times! Cheers to summer!


The label was inspired by true Americana and our unhealthy love of the unmowed lawn.  We at Pretty Things live in the city and haven’t touched one of these contraptions for decades (our thanks to cousin Rob for letting us base this label on his).  We imagine a future where unruly, overgrown lawns replace these half acre, wall-to-wall summer-wasters.  That is why we drew an overgrown, antique lawn mower.  Let’s let it get shaggy America!  Enjoy American Darling and see you next summer.



Specs: 5.8% abv

IBU: 45

Malts: two German Pils malts, German caramel pils malt

Hops: Saphir, Perle, whole-leaf Hallertau in the kettle and dry hopped.

Yeast: a blend of traditional Lager yeast strains

Style: Pale lager of grand stature with contributions from hard water and dry hops