Our Story

Dann and Martha (Holley)-Paquette brew Pretty Things beers. We are tenant brewers, meaning that we work in a rented brewery space, which we take over on brewdays. We do all the labor involved on each brewday, and our host brewery packages our beer for us.

Our flagship beer is Jack D’Or. Jack is the mournful grain of barley you can see to the left. He is the soul of beer, nature’s magician, creating sugar from starch and bringing together the Pretty Things to produce the substance we adore: beer.

So, from our kooky minds and tall tanks, here are our beers for your enjoyment, and here is our crazy jam-packed website. There are plenty of nooks and crannies–mostly crannies–to enjoy. Enjoy the crannies!


Martha, Dann and Seth

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, Somerville, MA


Our Story: