Have You No Brewery?

Just as tenant farmers rent land and farm it themselves, we rent a brewery, formulate and brew our beers ourselves. So: we are tenant brewers. This is different to contract brewing, where a head brewer from the host brewery brews and/or formulates the beer for someone else. The important thing about tenant brewing is that we supply all the brewday labor, without help from other professional brewers. This makes us different from just about everyone else you’ll meet.

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project exists so that Dann can brew beer. That’s why we started it, because Dann didn’t have a brewing job when we moved back to Boston from England. And let’s face it, that’s really all Dann does, so we decided we’d better invent him a job!

We had enough money left from our move to make one batch of beer. It cost us about $9000 to set up the business, buy grain, hops, 10 kegs, bottles, labels and pay the brewery fees. We drew the label ourselves, and we still do today! We made our first batch of Jack and we were completely broke. Since then, by slowly selling beer and making more when we could afford to, we’ve grown into the craziness you see before you.

So this is what we do: Dann brews all our beer. Martha helps: she mills in, weighs hops, and runs around counting kegs. We couldn’t do this if we didn’t have a wonderful host brewery: they taught Dann how to use their system (even a professional brewer can’t just walk in and brew without training), and now they leave us to it.

We usually brew in the middle of the night. We like getting an early start, so we sleep in our car (in the summer!) and get up around 3am. If we get a good start, we can brew twice in a day and not get in the way of the other things the brewery is up to.

So, we wanted you to know that our beers come to you from our own hands. We formulate them, brew them, name them, & draw the labels. We write poems about them. We brew them. We don’t package them! The brewery does that for us. But everything else, down to us handing you one at an event, is from us and by us, and we love it and we love you for drinking them and allowing us to make more.