All Aboard the Baby Tree!
Where else could you rather be?
Good larks we’ll have & more besides,
So clamber on up & take a ride.

Stop thy harking!
Quell thy sting!
A Baby Tree is just the thing!

Clamber aboard the Baby Tree!
Soak it in, there’s much to see.
What’s inside those babies’ heads?
Heaven knows, and we shan’t guess.

 Stay with us in the Baby Tree!
We’ll rest a while, then it’s time for tea.
Fat rascals abound, but hark to the sound!
It’s beer we’ll be supping, you’ll see.

◊◊◊Hops & Yeast & Malted Grain
Are full of life, & heart, & pain;

The hops are jagged weeds of spite,
That blunt the sugars, try to bite;

But Jack of Gold does quell their sting
Uniting all the Pretty Things!