Welcome to Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project. Pretty Things is an idea, not a brewery. We’d like a brewery, but they cost too much. We are a two-person company based in Somerville Massachusetts. Twice a week (or so), we brew our beers at Buzzards Bay Brewery in Westport, MA. We bring you beers that are truly of our own making: the recipes, brewing and labels are all done by Dann and Martha. We think that’s why Pretty Things is magical.

The other reason is because of Jack D’Or. Jack is the mournful grain of barley you can see to the left. He is the soul of beer, nature’s magician, creating sugar from starch and bringing together the Pretty Things. One of the most joyful transformations in nature, better than any rabbit from a hat, beer is the result.

Take a look below for news and updates. We also brew historical beers: visit old beers.com for info on those. Cheers from us to you!

Martha and Dann

Launch event this Saturday!

Hello, just in case you hadn’t noticed our endless posts, tweets etc… We’re launching TWO new beers this Saturday March 8th, with Ron Pattinson, beer historian from Amsterdam. Come along… read more.

Collaboration with Roosters in Yorkshire

Martha and I are recently back from England, Yorkshire specifically, where we brewed a historically inspired, malty dark ale with Brewer Ol Fozard and crew at Roosters Brewery.  In its… read more.

New Year’s Eve, 2013

Hello to you, fellow beer drinking humans! It is New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow we will all be embarking together on a brand new year, for which the name “2014” has… read more.

Barbapapa is alive!

Check out this shiny new animated label from Trevor Carmick of Beer Labels in Motion. Cool huh?!

Night in Amsterdam with Ron

Had a great night out in Amsterdam catching up with Ron Pattinson and cooking up plans for our next historical beer. Fun times! We started at de Prael and then… read more.

Obscuro Luxuria

There’s no doubt that we already make a strongish stout.  Do you remember?  It’s called Babayaga after the witch-like folk character for eastern Europe.  Not to be confusing or anything,… read more.

Inspiration in Austin

Something crazy happened to the weather. It was 82 degrees here yesterday and in the 30’s when we arrived at Jester King at 1:30. Arriving at one of our favorite… read more.

We made it to 5!

Full event details and sign up (to get cake!) on facebook We can’t really believe it, but Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project will turn five on December 1st. Five… read more.

Fun Times in Athol

Sometimes we walk into a bar and are pleasantly surprised. Sometimes we go and have more fun than we thought we would. But we’ve never been blown away by an… read more.

Jack D’Or brewday

It’s never too early to be drinking a brand shiny (well, gently glowing anyway) new batch of Jack D’Or! This is batch 63, packaging in the next few days and… read more.

Brewday at Adnams!

Pretty Things has had a wonderful day here in Southwold, England, brewing at the Adnams brewery. Today we brewed three batches of Jack D’Or, around 165UK BBL a pop, so… read more.


Well, we’ve landed and wasted no time in getting some beers in. Yesterday we did some old favorites: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet St, and Princess Louise on Holborn,… read more.

Get your shovels ready…

Because we’re brewing Our Finest Regards today: one barley wine, two mashes, three mechanical oopsies and 28 Plato starting gravity even after a bit of liquoring back (our yeast doesn’t… read more.

Fieldmouse is coming!

Hi everyone, We are very excited to tell you that Fieldmouse’s Farewell is shipping from the brewery today, having hit bottles… today! (Perhaps we shouldn’t count our chickens before they’ve… read more.