Black Jack, Roulette And Slots – Here Is What You Should Know Before Gambling Online

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As winning in casino games is not easy, so we will explain each game individually, and also offer an overview on the principle by which each game method is governed with an advantage in different cases. Although the ideas listed below are easy to understand, the execution is complex and it takes several months of intense training to implement them correctly. Reading only one article is not enough to become a winning player.

Black Jack

Do you feel like playing blackjack? But you have to know how to play in a casino to win. The card counting was introduced by Professor Edward Thorp in 1962, in his famous book “Beat the Dealer”. This technique controls the ratio of high and low cards that remain in the deck and determines the player’s advantage over the house or vice versa. It is a reliable method, but also easily detectable by casino staff.

There are other methods that players used in the past, some of them are still applied in the current game environment, while others have lost relevance. Deck cutting systems were fashionable in the mid-1990s, but casinos have countered them with increasingly complex shuffling forms. The identification of key card sequences was a method that was used to predict when an ace would come out.


A player can learn how to win at roulette in different ways. The easiest is similar to the compensation bets. You will lose 2 of 36 spins on average, assuming that the 2 players bet against each other in a red and black bet or 1-18 and 19-36. Predicting roulette is another way to beat it. It is difficult, and as with the dice, you have to make a great investment in a roulette wheel. There are many complexities that the successful player must take into account, but, when the approach is perfected and the odds of roulette are known, it is a very profitable game. The method to achieve it goes beyond the scope of this article, but the best methodology can be found in Laurence Scott’s two series of books.


How can you win the slot? They call them thieves with only one arm for a reason. In almost all cases they take your money without apology. They are games with PayPal with great variability, which means that 99% of people lose and only 1% of players earn money. However, there are a couple of ways to play that give the player an advantage over the casino.

The first tip is to play on triple scoring days. The casino multiplies by 3. This will triple the value of the bonus points that the player would earn. The second method is to play with the casino money. The player can use this money to play and keep any money won during these free games. To maximize the chance of winning, a player can log in to the website of the gaming regulation committees of their jurisdiction, check which slot is left with the lowest percentage and play that machine.